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Thursday 5 December 2019

World News: Elderly couple die just 15 hours apart after spending 70 happy years together

Kenneth and Helen Felumlee, pictured in September 1941 (AP)
Kenneth and Helen Felumlee, pictured in September 1941 (AP)

An elderly couple of over 70 years, who "never spent a night apart", passed away within 15 hours of one another in Ohio on April 12th.

Wife Helen Felumlee passed away first, at 92, followed by her husband Kenneth Felumlee (91), the next morning.

Their family told the Zanesville Times Recorder that the couple once took an overnight ferry that had only bunk beds, and chose to sleep in the bottom bunk together rather than spend a single night apart.

The couple married in 1944 after three years and had eight children together. His family reported that Kenneth 'faded quickly' after learning of his wife's passing and died a few hours later.

His son, Cody, called Kenneth's passing "a wonderful going away party." The 91-year-old had received a leg amputation two and a half years earlier and his wife had cared for him until she was too frail to do so. "He was ready. He didn't want to leave her here by herself."

Marathon runner proposes at finish line

One year on from the Boston Marathon bombings, during which three people lost their lives and an estimated 264 were injured, one of the runners in the 2014 marathon has celebrated the anniversary by proposing to his girlfriend at the finish line.

Speaking to American news station WBZ following Monday's proposal, Greg Picklesimer told reporters that the attack on the marathon last year made him realise "that the people you love can be taken away from you" and he decided he wanted to "come back and seal the deal".

News anchor Paula Ebben tweeted a photograph of Greg in action, popping the question to his girlfriend Carla White, who said yes. "This is the happiest day of my life," she exclaimed.

LDPR Leader tells aides to "rape" reporter

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Deputy Speaker of Russia's lower house of parliament and leader of the far-right LDPR party is under investigation by the Duma Ethics Committee following an outburst in which he instructed one of his aides to "rape" a pregnant journalist.

During a press conference last Friday, the Russia Today reporter asked him if he thought Russia should bring sanctions in response to Ukrainian moves to crack down on Russian men entering the country.

During the course of his response, the irate politician turned his ire on the reporter, instructing his aides whom he referred to as "idiots" to "run to her, start raping her hard".

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