Monday 22 January 2018

Women fib on Facebook to look more interesting

Andrew Hough

Women consistently lie on social networking sites such as Facebook to make their lives appear more exciting, a survey has found.

Researchers said that at least one-in-four women exaggerated or distorted what they are doing on Facebook or Twitter once a month.

The survey of 2,000 women found that they pretended to be out on the town, when in fact they were home alone, and embellished the truth about an exotic holiday or their job.

Common reasons for "fibs" included worrying about seeming "boring" and jealousy at other people's posts.

A quarter overstated their alcohol consumption and almost one-in-five women lied about their "relationship status".

Dr Michael Sinclair, a consultant psychologist, said that as people attempt to stay connected, they can in fact be left more isolated.

The survey was commissioned by Pencourage, a "diary-style" social media website.

Irish Independent

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