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Woman threatened with rape after troll uploads her Tinder profile to Facebook


A woman has been subjected to vile and abusive threats online after a stranger took a screenshot of her Tinder profile and uploaded it to Facebook.

Olivia Melville's Tinder profile featured a song lyric by Drake which read

"Type of girl that will suck you dry and then eat lunch with you".

Melville reports that she was subjected to vicious abuse after her profile was uploaded to the social networking site.

One particular troll was more abusive than most, threatening Olivia with rape, violence and writing both offensive and overtly sexual comments.

Among the few printable comments was: "it's people like you who make it clear women should never have been given rights".


The women behind the organisation 'Sexual Violence Won't Be Silenced'

Melville's friend Paloma Brierly Newton took to her Facebook page to condone the "slut shaming" her friend has endured "for using lyrics from a song as her tag line".

Paloma accused both the strange poster and his friends of "attacking me and all my friends" and "insinuating he is going to rape my mother".

"I'll also be taking these pictures to the police, be warned men, the internet is not longer your invisibility cloak".

Together with Melville, the women have launched an anti-cyber bullying organisation called 'Sexual Violence Won't Be Silenced'. The organisation aims to raise awareness of slut-shaming and bullying on social media.

They have launched a petition to get the government to act on the issue of "online sexual violence". You can see it here.

"One in four young women have experienced online sexual harassment....Please join us in calling on the Australian and NSW Parliaments to get up with the times and deal with online sexual violence".

A week later, Paloma has been told that the investigation into the threats "could take another week".

“My response to that was, like, what if I am raped in that time? How long will they take to respond to that?”

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