Friday 15 December 2017

Woman knocks man unconscious with single punch after he sexually assaults her in CCTV video at Morocco market

The blow was so powerful that the victim was sent head-over-heels, leaving him stricken on the floor

John Hall

A man was reportedly left unconscious for more than two hours after being knocked out by a woman whose bottom he had pinched.

CCTV footage taken in the town of Inezgane in Morocco shows the woman wearing yellow robes and standing next to a motorcycle when the man approaches.

The balding attacker then moves close to the victim and appears to grope her bottom.

Without missing a beat, the woman spins around and delivers a single punch to the back of the unidentified man’s head, sending him careering into a stack of rugs in a nearby shop.

The punch was so powerful that the victim was sent head-over-heels, leaving him stricken on the floor. As bystanders tentatively approach him, the groper’s legs are seen twitching but he appears unable to get back to his feet.

The man’s injuries were reportedly so severe that he did not regain consciousness for a full two hours. It is not clear if he sought medical help but Alyaoum 24 suggested that the damage was mainly caused by the man’s head striking the floor of the shop as he fell, not from the punch itself.

The incident follows a similar attack in the markets of Inezgane, in which two female hairdressers were subjected to taunts and harassment from street vendors.

In a case that sparked national outcry and led to thousands of people signing a successful petition for their release, police responding to that incident arrested the women for “violating public decency”.

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