Wednesday 13 December 2017

Woman damages €174k worth of art trying to take a selfie in a gallery

Art Gallery (Stock Image)
Art Gallery (Stock Image)

Jacob Stolworthy

A woman has caused $200,000 (€174,000) worth of damage at a US exhibit after knocking over a display while taking a selfie.

The incident took place at The 14th Factory exhibit at a gallery in Los Angeles, California and was captured on security cameras with the video later being shared to LiveLeak.

In the clip, the unlucky woman can be seen losing her balance as she attempts to take a selfie in front of a row of sculptures placed on pedestals. Knocking one over, it creates a domino effect knocking over another ten sending the sculptures crashing to the ground.

The visibly shocked woman later attempts to pick up the displays she dropped.

The museum has claimed that three pieces of art were “permanently damaged” in the incident.

The non-profit art project - conceived by Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch - is described as a “monumental, multiple-media, socially engaged art and documentary experience.

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