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Woman accidentally shoots herself in selfie blunder


The woman is believed to have shot herself with a 9mm handgun

A Russian woman is in a critical condition after accidentally shooting herself in the head with a pistol while posing for a selfie

The 21-year-old found a 9mm handgun left behind by a security guard at her office in Moscow and decided take a selfie while posing with the firearm.

Holding the gun close to her head, the young woman accidentally pulled the gun’s trigger and shot herself through the temple.

A spokesperson for the Moscow’s Sklifosovsky hospital said the woman was in a “serious condition” after she was brought to the Moscow clinic on Thursday..

Police are investigating how the woman got hold of the gun as the security guard, who was on holidays when the tragic incident occurred, had secured the weapon in the office.

On Monday, a child died in the Russian city of St Petersburg after falling from a fifth-floor fire escape he had climbed to take a selfie.

In February, investigators in the United States claimed a pilot of a light aircraft caused his plane to crash, killing himself and his passenger, due to snapping a series of selfies.

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