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Woman (77) who took €2.9m for sexual favours told to repay cash

A 77-YEAR-OLD woman who received £2.5m (€2.9m) from a 79-year-old man in exchange for sexual and romantic favours has been ordered to repay the cash by a court in Japan.

The woman succeeded in taking around 400 million yen from the man over a seven-year period, in what he said he thought were loans, which she used to buy luxury cars and a condominium.

The court heard how the woman – who was not named – used what it called an "amorous net" to persuade him to part with the cash, including stripping naked and asking him to bathe her.

The elderly couple began dating in June 2000 and the woman repeatedly asked for money, which she said was to pay off debts to another man who she would otherwise have to marry.

The man, whose identity was also not revealed, sold land he had inherited and took out loans to meet her demands.

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