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Wednesday 24 April 2019

Wheelchair user suffers vicious assault at the hands of older sister, police say

David Kearns

Authorities are investigating following the release of a video showing a woman in wheelchair being berated and slapped days before her death.

Police in the Philippines said they believe that the “abuse this woman suffered was a serious factor in her death”.

In the video, a wheelchair identified as Andeng is seen being berated and slapped by another woman, understood to be her older sister.

Struggling to fend off the attack, the younger woman is repeatedly hit in the face.

A concerned citizen is thought to have filmed incident and uploaded it to Facebook.

Local media in the city of Bulacan are reporting that Andeng had just undergone an operation a few hours beforehand, and neighbours confirmed that the woman slapping her was the victim's older sister.

Chief Inspector Elizabeth Jasmin, chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit, said several witnesses have confirmed seeing the attack by the older sister.

"We will still investigate because there is a death certificate. There also has to be a complainant, maybe a relative," she said, adding that the video can be used as evidence.

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