Monday 11 December 2017

West Coast mocks East after tremors shake up DC and New York

East Coast Americans were mocked by their West Coast compatriots for making such a fuss about the type of earthquake that they have to deal with frequently.

While Tuesday's earthquake was the largest on the East Coast since 1944, California alone has seen 35 quakes of that size since then.

The Los Angeles Times ran an article headlined "NY feels quake on a different scale", which declared: "The East Coast earthquake doesn't faze Californians, but some Gothamites were perhaps understandably rattled."

"Local TV news had wall-to-wall coverage, but little to report," said the author, Steve Lopez. "I kept hoping some more interesting news would break, like a car chase."

"Hey East Coast, the entire West Coast is mocking you right now," Todd Walker, a television anchorman for KTUU in Anchorage, Alaska, said on Twitter.

Fortunately the East Coast was able to laugh also, with hundreds checking in to Earthquakepocalypse on Foursquare.

Viral images quickly began to circulate demonstrating "earthquake devastation" - such as television remote controls tumbling from tables to the floor, and tins of food being dislodged from supermarket shelves - with mocking captions. Images of the Washington Monument also went viral after rumours began circulating that the earthquake had left it tilted.

Many virals began parodying the earthquake with natural disaster film posters.

One "never forget" graphic, in the style of those created after terrorist attacks or natural disasters, pictured a bald eagle, the Stars and Stripes, and a piece of garden furniture that had been tipped over.

But some on the East Coast recovered their equanimity enough to be able to hit back, with virals mocking the West for their inability to handle the cold.

Daily Telegraph

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