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Friday 23 March 2018

Website switches to Swiss server after Amazon withdraws support

Claudine Beaumont in London

The WikiLeaks website is back up and running after switching its operations to servers based in Switzerland.

The site had been forced offline after its US-based service provider, EveryDNS, withdrew support, claiming that repeated attacks aimed at blocking access to the WikiLeaks site were affecting its other customers.

Now the site can be accessed through a Swiss domain, That site is not hosting WikiLeaks content, but directs browsers to an address in France that does host the website content, including the latest batch of diplomatic cables.

WikiLeaks has been heavily criticised by governments around the world for leaking confidential communiques between diplomats, ambassadors and government agencies.

The website will hope that moving operations will make it more difficult for it to be forced offline in future. The site was using Amazon's web services to host some of its content, but the company removed its support, supposedly after bowing to pressure from the US government. (© The Daily Telegraph, London)

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