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We are completely innocent, Knox insists in new outburst


Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox


Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox has again insisted that she and her ex-boyfriend had nothing to do with the murder of Meredith Kercher, posting a photograph online in which she holds a placard with the words "We are innocent" written in Italian.

In the photograph, which Ms Knox posted on her website and Twitter account, the words "Siamo innocenti" are written on a piece of white card.

Two weeks ago, an appeals court in Florence re-instated the original 2009 guilty verdicts handed down against Ms Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, with whom she was in a relationship at the time of the murder in November 2007.


Ms Knox (26) was sentenced to 28 years and six months in prison, while Mr Sollecito (29) was given a 25-year sentence.

Both are appealing against the reconvictions, with the case due to be heard by Italy's supreme court later this year or early in 2015.

Even if the reconvictions are confirmed by the supreme court in Rome, Ms Knox has said she will fight any attempt to extradite her from Seattle, US – her home town – to Italy to serve the sentence.

The student also posted a blog entry entitled, "Raffaele is not a slave" in which she contests the prosecution's argument that Mr Sollecito was so smitten by her that he allowed himself to get involved in a drug-fuelled sex game which spun out of control and ended with Ms Kercher (21) being stabbed to death.

Ms Knox said prosecutors had portrayed her former lover as a young man who was "both predisposed to violent sexual fetish and absolutely subservient to a dominant female companion".

"Because he was present and supportive of me in the immediacy of the discovery of the murder and because my surviving roommates had described us as 'piccioncini' (lovebirds – a far cry from the dominatrix/slave), the prosecution assumed and pursued the theory of Raffaele's unquestioning devotion/obsession with me," Ms Knox, who is studying creative writing at the University of Washington in Seattle, wrote on her website.

She argued that the evidence against Mr Sollecito was flimsy – "unreliable trace of Raffaele's DNA on Meredith's bra clasp, a partial bloody footprint on a bathmat that more closely corresponds with Rudy Guede's footprints (and) the unreliable testimony of a homeless, heroin-using serial witness who claims to have seen Raffaele and I . . . on the night of the murder."

The prosecution's case against both of them was based on "unreliable and irrelevant circumstantial evidence", she wrote.

The former couple claim that on the night that Ms Kercher was murdered, they were in Mr Sollecito's apartment, watching a film on DVD and smoking marijuana.

"The only reason he has been dragged into this is because he happens to be my alibi. He is collateral damage in the unreasonable, irresponsible, and unrelenting scape-goating of the prosecution's grotesque caricature that is 'Foxy Knoxy'."

The ex-lovers insist the sole person responsible for the murder is Rudy Guede (27), a Perugia drifter who was convicted of the crime in a separate trial and is six years into a 16-year jail sentence.

But in overturning their 2011 acquittals and ordering a fresh appeals trial last March, judges in the supreme court said it was their opinion that Ms Kercher was killed by more than one person.

The Kercher family also said recently that they believed that the pattern of knife wounds on Meredith's body strongly indicated that more than one person was involved.

Guede, who was born in Ivory Coast, is studying a history degree behind bars and is now eligible for day release, although his lawyer said this week that he has not yet made an application to the Italian judicial authorities. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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