Friday 24 November 2017

Waters Wall-ets $158.1m from tour

Roger Waters has racked up $158.1m (€129.2m) in ticket sales worldwide so far this year with 'The Wall Live' show and is the top-selling live act for the first half of 2012.

Mr Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, which recorded the hit album 'The Wall' in the late 1970s, sold more than 1.4 million tickets globally since the start of 2012, according to the magazine 'Pollstar'.

Deaf woman sues Bieber for $9.2m

A US woman has filed a $9.2m (€7.5m) lawsuit against pop star Justin Bieber, saying she suffered permanent hearing loss at one of his concerts two years ago.

Stacey Wilson Betts, a mother of five, says she sustained the injury at the gig in Portland, Oregon. The lawsuit alleges Mr Bieber enticed the fans into a "frenzy of screams" by waving his arms, and the sound exceeded safe decibel levels.

Boy (7) flies home alone to Moscow

A TENNESSEE woman who ended her Russian adoption by sending the seven-year-old boy to Moscow on a plane by himself yesterday lost her bid to not pay $150,000 (€122,000) in child support.

Torry Hansen put Artyom Saveliev on the plane in April 2010 with a letter that said he had violent behaviour problems and she no longer wanted to be his mother.

Hospital blunders kill 11,859 a year

Almost 1,000 patients are dying needlessly in English hospitals every month due to errors in care.

Each year there are 11,859 preventable deaths in hospitals, according to a study published by the 'British Medical Journal'. The deaths occurred because of poor monitoring of the patient's condition, wrong diagnosis and errors in medication or fluid replacement.

Lemur species is most endangered

The lemurs of Madagascar were yesterday named as the most endangered primate group on Earth.

The International Union for Conservation said the lemurs were dying off because they were losing their forest habitat. A total of 91pc of the world's 103 lemur species are now listed as critically endangered, or vulnerable.

'Green Mile' star has heart attack

'The Green Mile' actor Michael Clarke Duncan was admitted to hospital yesterday after suffering a heart attack in Los Angeles.

His reality TV star girlfriend Omarosa Stallworth revived Mr Duncan (54) with CPR before he was taken to hospital.

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