Saturday 7 December 2019

Watch Brazilian police rescue a woman being held hostage at knife-point

Video: The drama unfolded on live television in the capital Brasilia


Brazilian police saved a woman in dramatic fashion after she was held hostage in the capital city of Brasilia.

The man grabbed the woman outside the government headquarters and held two large knives to her throat. He used a parked car to protect his back as he threatened the woman with the knives.

The hostage situation was shown on live television, as police negotiators approached the man to try to talk him down.

However, the police eventually opened fire on the man with rubber bullets, forcing him to slump to the ground face-first as the hostage runs away.

She was taken to hospital but was unharmed. The suspect was taken to police custody.

His intentions are unknown but police said that prior to the hostage-taking, he was attempting to get into government headquarters. Other reports suggested that he demanded to see President Dilma Rousseff when negotiating with the police.

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