Tuesday 20 March 2018

WARNING: Shocking moment woman is sexually assaulted as she tries to enter her home

Sarah Jane Murphy

A security camera has recorded terrifying footage of a woman in her 20's being sexually assaulted outside her home.

Her boyfriend was inside the property in Clapham, London, but was not aware that the attack was taking place.

"I just walked home, got the keys in the door, and all of sudden, he was there. I wasn't aware he was there - until he put his hands on me.

"I was so afraid. That's all I could think of. That's all that was going through my head," the woman told the MailOnline.

She said she was shocked that the assault occurred early in the evening, with many people in the area making their way home from work.

"It was 8pm at night, there were people walking home and it was busy.

"I have lived on that road for more than five years and I have never felt unsafe there before.

"I'm just hoping this video will mean he can be caught and won't get away with it. I don't want this man doing it to anyone else. It just isn't acceptable," she said.

The video shows a man walking along the street as the woman approaches her front door and takes out her keys.

After walking past her front gate, he then changes direction and walks up behind her.

He reaches under her coat, before pushing her down on the step. After the woman begins to scream he flees the scene.

The MailOnline report that it is one of three alleged attacks in the same area of London, and say that police have arrested a man.

A Met police spokesman said they are investigating the incident.

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