Tuesday 20 March 2018

WATCH: Eyewitness account Laura McGarrity - 'We could hear a lot of bangs'

Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Northern Ireland journalist Laura McGarrity was in Nice during the horror attack last night and said she won't "remain worried in any way" as she continues her holiday in Nice.

She said the atmosphere remains tense in the aftermath of the attack with lots of police on the street.

“I was on a beach here in Nice when the Bastille fireworks were going, it was a half an hour of celebration of the French country," she said.

"After that we could hear a lot of bangs, a lot of fireworks in the distance but the sirens that went along with that we thought weren’t worrying.

"We just thought it went with the heightened tension here in Nice.

“In recent days we had noticed heavy police presence on the streets but we found that very reassuring. I was not worried in any way and I will not remain worried in any way. I will continue to enjoy my holiday but my thoughts are with the families.”

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