Monday 16 September 2019

Voters in midterms experiencing long queues and malfunctioning machines

Some of the biggest problems were in Georgia where Democrats hope to win the governorship in traditionally Republican territory.

Kristen Leach votes with her six-month-old daughter, Nora, in Atlanta (David Goldman/AP)
Kristen Leach votes with her six-month-old daughter, Nora, in Atlanta (David Goldman/AP)

By Associated Press Reporter

Long queues and malfunctioning machines marred the first hours of voting in some precincts across the US.

Some of the biggest problems on Tuesday were in Georgia, a state with a hotly contested gubernatorial election.

Voters reported waiting up to three hours to vote.

A queue forms outside a polling site in Atlanta (David Goldman/AP)

At a polling place in Snellville, Georgia, more than 100 people took turns sitting in children’s chairs and on the floor as they waited for hours.

Voter Ontaria Woods said about two dozen people who had come to vote left because of the queues.

At a poll site in Atlanta, voters waited in the rain in long lines that stretched around the building.

Hannah Ackermann said officials at the polling site offered various explanations for the delay, including blaming workers who did not show up and overloaded machines.

Voters make their choice in Atlanta (David Goldman/AP)

Democrat Stacey Abrams will be the first black female US state governor if she is elected in Georgia in a tight race with Brian Kemp who is the Republican candidate.

President Donald Trump and vice-president Mike Pence campaigned for Mr Kemp while former president Barack Obama and talk show host Oprah Winfrey were among those to join Ms Adams on the campaign trail.

The state has been strongly Republican in recent decades but is seen to now be a Democratic target.

Former president Jimmy Carter, who was governor of Georgia before his stint in the White House, has also backed Ms Abrams.

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