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Monday 20 November 2017

Village is butt of jokes

Residents living in the Welsh village of Varteg have expressed their unease about plans to re-christen it Y Farteg. Welsh language campaigners are in support of the name change, saying the current moniker is incorrect.

In the Welsh language, there is no letter V – although the same sound is produced by the single letter F. But locals say re-naming their village Y Farteg would make them the butt of people's jokes, saying it sounds like a "playground insult".


A man stole his father's body from a Detroit cemetery with the hope of bringing him back to life.

Vincent Bright was given a probation order after a court heard he suffered mental problems. He stole the body of 93-year-old Clarence Bright and stored it in a home freezer. Police found it after a tip from other family members.


US president Barack Obama says he hasn't smoked in years – thanks in no small part to first lady Michelle Obama.

Mr Obama was caught on camera chatting privately with a UN official on Monday about quitting smoking. The exchange was then broadcast on CNN. When asked about his own cigarette use, Mr Obama said he hadn't had a cigarette in six years "because I'm scared of my wife".


A major earthquake has struck south-western Pakistan killing up to 40 people and sending others fleeing into the streets, praying for their lives as buildings swayed.

Baluchistan province in south-west Pakistan is the country's largest but also the least populated. More than two dozen houses collapsed in villages of Awaran district where the quake struck. The US Geological Survey reported the quake as magnitude 7.8.


The lengths to which cheating athletes will go to beat drug controls took on a new dimension this week after an Italian runner was accused of employing a false penis to evade detection during a urine test.

Long-distance runner Devis Licciardi is now being investigated by the country's Olympic committee for planning to use the prosthetic, which was full of drug-free urine, to offer a sample.

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