Friday 25 May 2018

Watch: Passenger sent flying as truck overturns on deserted road

David Kearns

A man traveling down an empty highway is lucky to be alive after he was tossed high into the air when the truck he was traveling in lost control and overturned several times.

A Dashcam caught the moment the passenger was flung into the air amid the terrifying incident.

The video, which is believed to have been taken last week in Brazil, shows a pick-up truck traveling down a deserted road before, in an instant, flipping over and rolling across two lanes.

A man can clearly be seen being thrown out of the window as the vehicle spins out of control.

He lands several metres away on the roadside and manages to just avoid the out-of-control truck as it comes up behind him.

According to NBC News, the unidentified man and the driver not only survived the incident but walked away with “only minor broken bones”.

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