Thursday 18 July 2019

WATCH: Fishermen dash for safety as frozen lake cracks underfoot in Russia

Meadhbh McGrath

Dozens of Russian fishermen were sent scrambling for their lives when a huge chunk of ice broke dramatically beneath their feet.

The lake, in Magadan Oblast in north-eastern Russia, snapped in two whilst they were fishing in the water below, forcing them on a dash for safety.

The video is taken at the moment the fishermen noticed the crack beginning to appear.

Luckily, the fishermen realised the ice was breaking in time to rush to safety.

As they frantically warn each other about the ice, the footage shows the fishermen leaping over the broken ice, and a snowmobile racing across the crack while it slowly splits apart.

However, the gap rapidly continues to widen, and they must fling their possessions ahead of them as they make a running jump to cross the broken ice.

The video ends with a small number of the group struggling to cross to the other side. Russian media have reported that all the fishermen managed to escape.

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