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Police tracing 'moron' who jumped from boat onto moose's back

A man who filmed himself jumping from a boat onto a moose’s back will be charged with harassment, said police.

Conservation officials in British Columbia are investigating the video, posted last weekend, which shows a man in trunks on the bow of a boat jumping onto the back of a moose as it tries to swim across a river in Canada.

In the short clip, the animal can be seen wading just ahead of a moat boat that speeds up and almost crashes into it.

As it approaches the moose, a man jumps from the boat’s bow onto its back and begins to ride it.

The video was uploaded by Wolftracker TV with the comment, "This moron is going to be charged with harassing wildlife. This is what NOT to do." 

A British wildlife group has called for two men who were filmed 'surfing' on the back of a wild whale shark to be brought to justice.

The British Columbia Conservation Officer Service received several complaints about the video, and officials said they were  now trying to find out when it was filmed and identify the man in the video.

The video comes just a few days after two men were filmed ‘surfing’ on the back of an endangered whale shark while being pulled along by a rope attached to a boat.

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