Monday 16 September 2019

VIDEO: Wild leopard attacks man after entering Indian school

Charlie Atkin

Video has emerged that shows a leopard attacking a man after entering a school

The incident occurred in Bangalore, India, where the eight-year-old male cat injured six people.

In the video, the leopard can be seen launching itself at a man as he attempts to escape by climbing over a fence. The man then struggles to fend off the leopard with the animal biting his arm. The man was later treated for minor injuries.

The rescue effort lasted 10 hours before the animal was cornered and eventually tranquilised.

Senior police official, S Boralingaiah, described why the operation lasted so long.

"It was a long struggle to capture the leopard,” he said.

“Although it was injected with tranquilisers it could be captured only around 20.15 local time when the medication took full effect."

The BBC reported that the animal was then moved to a national park, while the six injured people have been treated for minor injuries.

Fortunately no students were in the school at the time of the leopard’s arrival, with no classes being held over the weekend.

India’s leopard population is estimated to be between 12,000 and 14,000. Such incidents become more frequent as residential or urban areas expand into animal habitats.  

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