Saturday 17 March 2018

VIDEO: Terrifying moment freerunner jumps from ledge to ledge 43 floors up Newsdesk Newsdesk

Using no safety equipment, freerunner Oleg Sherstyachenko jumps between pillars on the 43rd floor of a Dubai skyscraper.

In the shocking video, the daredevil leaps through the air hundreds of feet off the ground and steadily crosses the series of gaps that encircle  the Sofitel hotel.

The Russian born freerunner posted the video on his YouTube page ahead of the 2015 Bankai show in Dubai, which brings together acrobatic and stunt performers.

In it, he makes five death-defying jumps between tiny ledges on the 43rd floor of Dubai's Sofitel Hotel before pausing for breath.

On his blog, Oleg describes how he made it outside in broad daylight despite not even being a guest of the hotel.

"I went through hotel reception in silence and [continued] to the elevator, and then rose to the 37th floor and headed for the stairs leading to the roof," he wrote.

"But the door to the roof was locked, so I went down to the floor below and entered the storeroom, which is covered by motion detectors and cameras."And I found a door that led me to the roof."

The 20-second clip was video was posted two weeks ago but went viral over the weekend after Sherstyachenko’s 13,000 followers on Instagram began sharing the clip.

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