Tuesday 16 January 2018

Video: Seven-year-old twins fight off car thief

Two seven-year-old twin boys bravely fought off a car thief after he tried to drive away with them and their baby sister in Texas.

Every mother’s nightmare became reality when she briefly ran into their home to get a baby bottle, and the brazen thief tried to steal the vehicle in front of the family house.

Distraught mother Lucia Lozada said: “We chased him down, he kept going in reverse and I was in front of the car. My husband was banging and banging trying to break the window, and you could hear the kids screaming.”

Luis and Lucius Lozada demonstrated how they fought off the car thief by punching and kicking him, and then told how the man told them if they stopped he would let them go.

The man released the children about a mile from their home and so far no one has been arrested.

The police later rewarded the twins with medals for their bravery.

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