Tuesday 20 March 2018

VIDEO: Scientists say Rosetta's comet could be home to alien life

The characteristics of comet 67P suggest that it could be home to an abundance of alien life.

The comet's black crust and icy layer have led two leading astronomers to this conclusion, who believe that comets like 67P could be responsible for bringing life to Earth and potentially other planets.

Both astronomers have completed computer simulations which show that microbes could live in watery regions of the comet.

And organisms with anti-freeze salts could survive at temperatures as low as minus forty degrees.

In November last year, the European space agency landed the Rosetta spacecraft on the surface of the comet, which it is currently orbiting.

The Rosetta is also said to have picked up strange clusters of organic material that resemble viral particles.

The scientists say that if the comet reaches the closest point to the sun at a distance of 121 million miles its family of micro-organisms are more likely to become active.

Currently the comet is more than 176 million miles away from Earth and is travelling at more than 73 thousand miles per hour.

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