Saturday 20 January 2018

Video: Girl (6) rescued by police from jaws of two pit bulls in Ohio

Eimear Phelan

The dash-cam of the squad car caught the dramatic scene when police arrived and rescued a 6-year-old girl from the jaws of two vicious dogs.

Zainabou Drame was playing outside her house with her older Brother at six pm earlier this week when two pit bulls chased her down and attacked her in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The girl has been put in a medically induced coma due to her injuries but is in a stable condition. The vicious attack meant Zainabou had to have one of her eyes sewn shut due to the damage the muscle underneath it.

The young girls jaw was severely damaged by the attack and was almost separated from her face. Doctors also had to remove her tongue which was barely attached.

When the attack happened, Moustapha, her brother, yelled for their mother, Tanina Drame, who emerged from the house with a baseball bat and tried to beat the dogs away from her daughter. The family dog Cappuccino also joined in to help but the dogs refused to release the girl until the police arrived and fired shots.  

The footage shows a police office leaping out of a still moving car and firing his gun to distract the dogs. The two pit bulls ran into a nearby garden where police shot them.

Police have arrested the dog’s owner for a number of offences such as drug abuse and trafficking. He has yet to be charged in relation to the dog attack.

Doctors are “cautiously optimistic” about Zainabou’s condition.

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