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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Video: Eighties synth-pop best man song 'We Are Your Brothers' goes viral

Linda Sharkey

Baddy Paris and Rufus Starlight simply wanted to say goodbye to their older brother on his wedding day - but in a different way.

"At his wedding we pleaded for our brother not to leave us, in the only way we knew how to say it; through the medium of 80s music and video. We thought we'd done ok, but he left us anyway".

Wearing elastic metallic catsuits and glittery lipstick, the two brothers from London made an Eighties-style tribute for their older brother on his wedding day.

Entitled "We Are Brothers", the video posted on YouTube got over 600,000 hits in only three days.

In the synth-pop music, with a groove that sits somewhere between the Pet Shop Boys and The Human League, video, they sing: "Ahhhh, don't leave us. You are our Jesus. She may be your lover, but do not forget you are our brother..."

Ferris Ferhat, the director of the video, explained: "The 80's theme came about through a combination of Robin (the Groom) being an 80's kid, and the fact that Baddy, Rufus and myself all love the music of the time. Artists like Human League, Gary Numan, Heaven 17, ABC, John Parr, Stan Bush, Vince Dicola and Harold Faltermeyer all played their part in influencing the song and video.

"The metallic outfits were meant to enhance the electro vibe and make the guys look adequately ridiculous.

"They we're left over from another shoot and were originally worn by female dancers and are about three sizes too small for Baddy and Rufus, but we managed to squeeze them in... somehow."

After their brother asked the pair to be their best men for his wedding, they knew they would "cry too much" when it came to the speech. Instead, they tried to convey their feelings in an Eighties music video "since it's the coolest decade by far."

It has some epic shots and locations, as well as black and white scenes in an old church.

"The locations were chosen out of necessity and value," Ferhat said.

In true best man speech style, the pair attempt to humiliate the groom by dragging up embarrassing moments from the past.

They sing: "You were a loser. Your haircut was a mullet, you couldn't play the bassoon, you had a dark blue bedroom, what were you thinking?"

The video was produced by Baddy, Rufus and Ferris, who all three work together at a research company and sometimes use film to enhance their findings. Ferris used his background in film production and equipment to get the piece "looking as good as possible".

According to Ferhat, Robin and Helen (the newlyweds) loved the video and feel "overwhelmed" with the so many good wishes from strangers posting comments on the video.

"We all were very happy with how the video turned out, but we didn't think it would have got the reaction it has. We're just happy that what we've made seems to be putting a smile on peoples faces", he said.

Paris and Starlight said: "We hope this will forever celebrate their marriage day, super-stylishly."

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