Sunday 18 March 2018

Video: Angry customer receives wrong order and goes ballistic

Mark cConville

WE’VE all been there, a fast food restaurant getting an order wrong. Most of us, grin and bear it - but not this man.

The video shows a man standing outside a drive-thru window, wanting to know why his order has been processed wrong again.


The man then launches a verbal attack on the fast food staff claiming that: “I need my money back, and I want it fast!”


He continues: “There’s no cheese in hamburger! The last three times I’ve been here you have got my order wrong”


After his tirade, a member of staff handed over money to the customer. But even then the man gets angrier as he hasn’t been given the right change vback.


The unsatisfied customer storms off and gets back into his car to leave.

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