Tuesday 24 October 2017

Vet 'euthanised' herself to show the plight of unwanted dogs

Chien Chih-cheng
Chien Chih-cheng
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

A vet in Taiwan 'euthanised' herself as she was allegedly overwhelmed by the grief of putting down stray animals.

Chien Chih-cheng worked as a vet at a shelter for abandoned dogs in Taoyuan City.

She was passionate about dogs and often worked overtime to help those in need.

The shelter's lobby was decorated with pictures of animals drawn by Ms Chien to encourage adoptions, but many of them were destined to be put down, according to the BBC.

On May 5 2015, Ms Chien took her own life using the same drug she used to put down animals.

She said she wanted to help people understand what happens to strays in Taiwan, according to the BBC.

It's reported that as her time as a vet, Ms Chien euthanised over 700 stray dogs.

In a letter Ms Chien left behind after she died she suggested her concern for the welfare of the animals had consumed her.

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