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Friday 23 March 2018

US jets dump bombs on Great Barrier Reef

Harriet Alexander

Australia has reacted with anger after American fighter jets dropped their bombs on the Great Barrier Reef when they suffered difficulties.

The pilots of the two Harrier planes taking part in a joint-training exercise with the Australian military, had intended to drop their four unarmed bombs, weighing 4,000lbs, on the Townshend Island range in Queensland.

But they were forced to abort their mission when the island was not cleared and, low on fuel and unable to land with their bombs, they jettisoned them into the sea."Have we gone completely mad?" asked Larissa Waters, the Green Party's spokeswoman on the reef (pictured). She described the dumping of the bombs as "outrageous". "Is this how we look after our World Heritage area now? Letting a foreign power drop bombs on it?"

The reef is the world's largest living structure, a coral reef stretching for 1,500 miles along the Australian coastline.

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