Sunday 22 April 2018

US Israeli base threat

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ISRAEL'S internal security agency says it has foiled an al-Qa'ida plan to attack the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Shin Bet said it arrested three Palestinians for plotting to carry out bombings and kidnappings on targets in Israel. It said the men were recruited by a Gaza Strip operative who worked for al- Qa'ida's Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Shin Bet alleges the men planned to attack a Jerusalem conference centre with firearms and then to kill rescue workers with a bomb and to attack the US Embassy.


ITALIAN police seized 27 eateries in Rome in a probe into businesses fronting organised crime.

Officials also confiscated petrol stations and parking lots in Naples that were allegedly used to launder Camorra syndicate revenue. A clothing business was also raided. Authorities said one of 90 suspects named in warrants jumped to his death from his Rome apartment when police arrived.


ELTON John has offered to introduce Russian President Vladimir Putin to members of the gay community in his country to show the impact of "deeply divisive" legislation.

The singer said in a state-ment that Russia's 'gay propaganda' laws were promoting misunderstanding and ignorance and were "deeply dangerous" to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.


A NEW atomic clock is so precise it neither loses nor gains a second in five billion years – longer than the age of the Earth.

The "strontium lattice clock" is 50pc more accurate than the previous record holder, the US's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) quantum logic clock.

Scientists detect the clock's "ticks" – 430 trillion of them a second – by bathing atoms in the clock in laser light. The findings were published in the weekly journal 'Nature'.


CHARLES Saatchi has boasted about his cage-fighting abilities in a letter to a gossip columnist.

When Taki of 'The Spectator' stated that the businessman and former husband of TV cook Nigella Lawson had 'a coward's bullying manner', Saatchi wrote in response: "People tell me that in your unreadable column you also like to brag that you are a black belt at karate. Well, me too, old boy.

"Mine take place in cages ... unofficial little events with no gloves, no rules, and the loser being carried out, usually battered to bits."

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