Saturday 14 December 2019

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage 'regrets' Romanian remarks

Gavin Cordon

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has expressed "regret" for controversial remarks he made about Romanians suggesting he would be concerned if a group moved in next door.

Mr Farage was forced to fend off a fresh barrage of accusations of racism after his comments were highlighted in an LBC radio interview on Friday.

Initially, he insisted that he stood by his words, saying that people had a "perfect right" to be concerned if a group of Romanians moved in next door.

But tonight he said: "Do you know what, in life sometimes people get things wrong."

He told BBC News: "I regret the fact that I was completely tired out and I didn't use the form of words in response that I would have liked to have used.

"I should have just hit back immediately and said 'Look, understand there is a real problem here - you can't deny it - too much criminality from these gangs has come to London.'"

Earlier Deputy Prime Minister Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said that Mr Farage's remarks had revealed his "divisive, nasty approach" to politics.

"I think the mask is starting to slip and I think what's being revealed that sort of behind the beer-swilling bonhomie is a rather nasty view of the world," he told BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show.

"I think anyone who singles out one community, one nationality, and says 'I don't want to live next door to them', I really think that's the politics of division and I think it really should have no place in modern Britain.

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