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Monday 20 January 2020

Two nuns murdered

Two nuns who worked as nurses and helped the poor in rural Mississippi were found slain in their home amid signs of a break-in and that their car was stolen.

The nuns were identified as Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill. The women were found when they did not report to work at a nearby hospital.

Give a dog a bad name

A Nigerian man is being charged for provoking people and "breach of peace" by naming his dog after President Muhammadu Buhari and painting the name twice on the pet, police said.

"The man bought a dog, named it Buhari, wrote Buhari on both sides of the dog and paraded it in front of people from the north," a police spokesman said.

Sex-toy gun protest

To protest a new state law that makes the carrying of concealed handguns legal in college classrooms, students at the University of Texas openly displayed sex toys, an act considered illegal under local indecency laws.

"We are fighting absurdity with absurdity," said Jessica Jin, leader of the protest called 'C**ks Not Glocks: Campus (Dildo) Carry', where hundreds of sex toys were given away at the rally that coincided with a return to classes at the university's flagship campus.

Pizza drone delivery

A New Zealand pizza chain aims to become the world's first company to offer a commercial drone delivery service - a milestone in the once unthinkable quest to save time and money with an airborne supply chain, dispensing with people.

Companies including Amazon and Google, or Alphabet Inc as it is now known, have plans to make deliveries by drone, and aviation authorities in the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand have been relaxing rules to allow air deliveries.

Dangerous dentures

An elderly Frenchman is in a serious condition in hospital after his false teeth were reportedly stuck in his throat for six days.

The Dunkirk Hospital said it was investigating how its personnel handled the treatment of 85-year-old Roland Marissael.

'La Voix du Nord' newspaper reported that medical staff at the Dunkirk Hospital and Cambrai Hospital Centre thought that the man was suffering from lung problems or dementia and failed to check his throat.

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