Friday 23 February 2018

Traffic moves statue

The mystery of a "possessed" rotating statue that had experts in a spin due to its unexplained movement has been solved.

The 4,000-year-old statue had curators at Manchester Museum puzzled after it began to mysteriously rotate overnight. Neb-Senu is a 25cm statuette made in about 1800 BC. The explanation was as a result of traffic on the city's Oxford Road.


Once considered pet food, kangaroo meat could soon be sold to China as a luxury product to encourage Chinese consumers to do something few Australians will – eat it.

With a booming middle class, China's appetite for meat is expected to rise nearly 17pc over the next eight years, the World Trade Organisation said.


A US pilot who landed his small plane on a rural stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike after its propeller fell off is protesting a $3,000 (€2,215) bill he received for towing his aircraft, saying such fees could cause other pilots to seek out more dangerous emergency landing options.

The pilot, Brian Nicholson, said he and a co-pilot made a snap decision to land on an expressway near California, Pennsylvania.


Tough guy actor Steven Seagal showed his soft side when he adopted one of Bucharest's street dogs.

The dogs have been in the news after a four-year-old boy was killed by a stray and the government passed a law allowing for Bucharest's 64,000 street dogs to be put down. Seagal visited a dog shelter there and adopted a puppy in the long-distance adoption programme.


Two fossilised dinosaur skeletons, found on a Montana ranch in 2006, are going up for auction in New York and are expected to fetch up to €7m.

The nearly complete skeletons are billed as the "Montana Duelling Dinosaurs". The dinosaurs – one a plant eater, the other a meat eater – appear to be locked in mortal combat.


The revolver carried by Old West lawman James 'Wild Bill' Hickok on the day he was shot down at a Deadwood saloon failed to sell at an auction in San Francisco.

Bonhams Auctioneers started the bidding for the Smith & Wesson No 2 revolver at $150,000 (€110,000), but potential buyers were only willing to pay $220,000 (€162,500), less than the reserve.

Irish Independent

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