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Tourists vanish on Chilean volcano

Three European tourists have disappeared while hiking at one of Chile's most active volcanos.

A Russian, a Frenchman and an Italian have been out of contact since around 7pm last Wednesday.

Chinese 'singles' holiday sells well

A quirky holiday dubbed Singles Day has grown into China's -- and possibly the world's -- busiest online shopping day.

It was invented by students in the 1990s as a version of Valentine's Day for people without partners. Sellers saw a marketing opportunity and launched Singles Day sales.

Chili chicken goes up in US fireball

A truck carrying nearly 40,000 pounds of frozen chicken went up in flames on its way to a supermarket in the New York town of Chili.

Fire officials said that the truck was hauling chicken from Mississippi to a distribution centre.

Tibetan teen sets himself on fire

An 18-year-old Tibetan villager has died after setting himself on fire in north-west China, state media said. The man self-immolated in front of a monastery in Hezuo.

Overseas groups say at least five ethnic Tibetans have set themselves on fire protesting the Communist Party's leadership conference. Three were reported to have died.

'Strictly' the best as millions tune in

'Strictly Come Dancing' landed its biggest audience of the series so far as it continued to stomp on the 'X Factor'.

Saturday's 'Strictly' on BBC1 drew 10.4 million viewers, two million more than its ITV rival drew.

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