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Tourist survives bungee cord snap

An Australian tourist survived a 111m plunge into crocodile-infested waters after her bungee rope snapped.

Erin Langworthy had jumped from the Victoria Falls bridge above the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe when the cord snapped in two. She said: "It went black straight away and I felt liked I had been slapped all over."

Paul McCartney has put an end to speculation about his new album title, confirming it will be called 'Kisses On The Bottom' -- but pointed out it is not as cheeky as it sounds.

The album of mainly cover versions is named after a line from the Fats Waller song, 'I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter', the opening track.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said he was "very sorry" if he offended anyone by describing Commons heckling by Ed Balls as like "having someone with Tourette's sitting opposite you".

The remark sparked an angry backlash from disability campaigners. Mr Cameron said his jibe at the shadow chancellor had been made "off the cuff".

A 21-year-old man has been charged with racially abusing ex-Premier League star and football pundit Stan Collymore on Twitter.

Joshua Cryer, of Jesmond, Newcastle, will appear before Newcastle magistrates on Monday, January 23.

A new poll indicates French President Nicolas Sarkozy is gaining ground against front-running Socialist Party nominee Francois Hollande in their expected face-off in the presidential election this spring.

Published in 'Journal du Dimanche, the poll shows Mr Sarkozy would still lose, but by 46pc to Mr Hollande's 54pc -- compared with 57-43pc in the previous poll in November. Mr Sarkozy has not yet announced whether he will run, but most political observers believe he will.

Wildlife rangers have helped a family deal with an uninvited guest: a 1.7m crocodile that wandered into their living room overnight in Darwin, Australia.

Resident Jo Dodd describes the encounter as "a very surreal moment" and "the most freakiest thing".

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