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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Toddler caught after 10-floor fall

A two-year-old Chinese girl fell 10 floors from her family's apartment window and survived after being caught by a woman passing by yesterday.

The toddler is in critical condition while the woman suffered a broken arm.

Gay pride peck on cheek an assault

A woman has been charged with assault after she kissed a Bible-waving preacher at a gay pride parade.

Joan Parker (74), of Colfax, North Carolina, admits she kissed a man on the cheek. She says he was yelling and waving his Bible and she just thought he needed a hug. James Edward Belcher (49) says she should not have approached him. Police said an unwanted touch is considered an assault.

Burglar offers to repair damage

A burglar offered to repair a screen he damaged breaking into a New Jersey home after he was confronted by the homeowner and told her he meant to break into a neighbour's home.

The homeowner said the man was "really polite" but she just wanted him to leave.

Handbag traps man in air vent

A 28-year-old Colorado man was rescued after being trapped in an air-conditioning vent for nearly 15 hours. Firefighters had to cut open the vent to pull the man out.

The man told police he had stolen a friend's handbag and thrown it on to the roof of an elementary school. When he climbed up to retrieve it, he fell 30ft into the vent.

Mobile charging leads to charge

A homeless man in Maine has been charged by police after helping himself to an outdoor electrical outlet to charge a pair of mobile phones.

Shaun Fawster (23) was charged with theft of services, as well as carrying a concealed weapon after police found a folding knife tucked underneath his shirt.

Four missing in river suicide pact

Four South Koreans were missing and one was in hospital yesterday after they jumped into a rain-swollen river in an apparent group suicide attempt first conceived online, police said.

The group -- three men and two women -- jumped off a bridge in Gapyeong, about 40 miles north-east of Seoul. A 24-year-old woman was rescued by a boat operator. The five drugged themselves with sleeping pills before jumping off the bridge.

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