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Terrified passengers flee bus seconds before train strikes it

Passengers on a bus in the United States had an extremely lucky escape as they jumped from the vehicle seconds before it was hit by a train.

The dramatic escape was capture by the bus’ CCTV and shows the moment the passengers realise they are stuck in the path of an oncoming freight train.

Screaming at the driver to open the doors, the frantic passengers rush off the bus seconds before it is struck.

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority said that six people were injured in the collision, including the 38-year-old bus operator who is now on paid administrative leave.

In the terrifying clip, the bus driver’s attempts to open the doors initially fail as the desperate passengers shout “train coming" and “let us out” as the train moves closer.

The incident happened last Wednesday in Atlanta City in the state of Georgia.

With the speeding train metres away from the trapped vehicle, the driver finally gets the doors open and screams at the passengers to get off.

The last passengers get off just seconds before the Chessie-Seaboard train slams into the side of the bus.

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