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Teens electrocuted while trying to take selfie on top of train


Olesya Belmasova recovering after suffering an electric shock from a live rail line Credit: CEN

Two teenagers were left with 70 pc burns after being electrocuted while trying to take the 'ultimate selfie' on the roof of a train.

Russian teens Olesya Belmasova and Anastasiya Kirillova, both 16-year-olds,  suffered serious burns after they brushed against a live railroad track in the Russian city of Taganrog.

Witnesses at the station described seeing one of the teens “exploded” after coming into contact with the live track.

Thinking an old freight train was no longer being used, the two teenage girls climbed onto the top of its tank car to take a selfie.

According to the Daily Mirror, a train worker at the station said he saw the pair walking towards the track and tried to stop them when they were "suddenly blasted to the ground” as thousands of volts of electricity shot through their bodies.

He added: “One was completely blackened and the other was on fire, as if she had exploded.”

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