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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Team of snipers sent out to take on rats the size of cats

Warning: Some may find the footage distressing.


With a growing rat problem and no natural predators, Tehran's municipal authority has hired a team of snipers to take out the rodents.

This hunter is on the prowl for an unusual prey on the streets of Iran's capital, Tehran.

Authorities in the city have deployed snipers to tackle a growing rat infestation.

Ardavan Pourmohammadi from Tehran Animal Control explained the issue, "Natural predators, snakes, owls and other wild birds. In their absence in the urban streets, Tehran municipality has become their main predator."

Piling rubbish and open waterways have led to a boom in Tehran's rat population.

Rat sniper Hamid Reza Atefi said: "Instead of throwing them inside the garage containers, people put rice, bread and other foodstuff next to them."

"They do it because in our Islamic-Iranian culture it is advised that food is respectable as God's blessing and should not be mixed with other wastes", Hamid added.

"This makes a perfect food source for colonies of rats."

Municipal authorities say there are currently two million of the rodents plaguing the city.

But residents fear the real figure is far higher, with estimates ranging from 20-70 million.

Last year an estate in Dublin was overrun by rats and video shows residents chase the vermin with hurleys.

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