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Teaching assistant jailed after hidden cameras capture her abusing toddlers

A teaching assistant has been jailed for four years after hidden cameras caught her smothering a child to put him to sleep.

The shocking images from Spain shows Esther S. B forcing the young boy head first into a sleeping bag before she sits down on the opening and refuses to let him out.

Unbelievable, a teacher comes into the room and the pair chat nonchalantly as the child struggles to get out of the bag.

In another episode, she is seen pinning a toddler to the floor with her knee and force feeding the child.

Both children were around one year old.

The abuse, which was published by Catalan News Agency, only came to light after management at the Annunciata School in Gironella installed hidden cameras after they became suspicious of the teaching assistant’s behaviour.

On Wednesday a judge at Criminal Court in Barcelona sentence the staff member  to four years in prison.

She was also ordered to pay €90,000 in compensation, to be split between the two families of the children who were mistreated.

A fellow teacher, the one seen watching and chatting with her colleague as she trapped the tot in the sleeping bag, was also sentenced after being found guilty of acting as an accomplice because she failed to stop the abuse or to report it.

She was given a suspended sentence of 11 months in prison.

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