Saturday 16 December 2017

Taxing times for revenue officials

INDONESIAN tax collectors will get three weeks of military physical training in an effort to build up the muscles and moral fibre of an organisation seen as ineffective and corrupt.

Indonesians were shocked last year by revelations of a tax official who bribed his way out of jail while awaiting conviction for taking kickbacks.

Lucky No 19 could have won $643bn

GAMBLERS at a roulette wheel in a Las Vegas casino were astonished to see the number 19 come up seven times in row.

Reports suggested the odds of that happening were 144 billion to one. If some bold gambler had left a $10 bet to accumulate seven times, he or she would have won $643bn (€512bn).

'Offensive' video run by Republican

OHIO Republican congressional candidate "Joe the Plumber" has sparked anger by running a video suggesting Nazi gun control laws contributed to deaths during the Holocaust because Jews did not have firearms to defend themselves.

Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern said the video was "incredibly offensive".

Norway pushes for a 'sex hour'

A NORWEGIAN sexual health charity asked the country's men to wear condoms for a "sex hour" last night to raise public awareness about safe sex.

The charity wanted men to tear themselves away from the Euro 2012 game for an hour of prophylactic-protected pleasure with a willing partner from 7pm.

MP labours hard to do the maths

A LABOUR education spokesman was mocked after a maths blunder in the Commons. Kevin Brennan, a former economics teacher, said three in 10 pupils got good GCSEs in 1997 but claimed that was 60pc.

It was an attempt to attack Michael Gove's ability at maths, but it backfired and led the education secretary to say percentages were not Labour's strong point.

Robber caught out by wary cabbie

A FLORIDA woman hired a taxi to take her to a store -- and then tried to use it as a getaway car after she robbed the shop of $320 (€255).

Cynthia Sheik (32) was caught as she ran out with the money only to discover the cabbie had flagged down a policeman. He thought she was about to disappear without paying the fare.

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