Monday 16 December 2019

Taliban video shows execution of 16 policemen

Omar Waraich in Islamabad

THE Pakistan Taliban has released a chilling video that shows militants killing 16 Pakistani policemen and tribal guards after declaring them to be "enemies of Islam".

In the recording, a Taliban commander loudly taunts a line-up of sombre-faced men with their hands tied behind their backs.

"These are the enemies of God's religion," the militant declares. "They are apostates."

The commander accuses the police officers of killing six children in the Swat Valley, once a Taliban stronghold. His face shrouded in a scarf, he says that "Allah" has assigned him to execute them. Then a crackling barrage of automatic gunfire is heard.

The policemen tumble backwards on to a mound. Some of the bullets miss their mark but the police can be heard screaming as the weapons continue to empty.

As the officers lie lifeless on the ground, a militant reloads his weapon. Walking slowly between the bodies, with the camera following behind, the Taliban fighter fires a further bullet into each of their heads.

The Pakistani military's chief spokesman, Major-General Athar Abbas, acknowledged the authenticity of the video. The executions happened, he said, after militants crossed the border on June 1 from Afghanistan into Upper Dir, an area they once controlled.

During the raid, about 60 militants led by three commanders killed 30 security personnel in the area and torched six schools. (© Independent News Service)

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