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Suspect's daughter sorry 'for everything'

The daughter of US kidnapping and rape suspect Ariel Castro says she's embarrassed and devastated by her father's alleged actions.

Arlene Castro told ABC's 'Good Morning America' yesterday that she was extremely sorry for everything.

Her father is suspected of keeping three women captive in his home in Cleveland, Ohio for close to 10 years and sexually assaulting them. He made his first court appearance yesterday.

Ms Castro was a friend of one of the women, Gina DeJesus. She was walking home from school with Ms DeJesus in April 2004 just before she disappeared.

A tearful Ms Castro says she'd like to see her friend again and wants her to meet her children.

Ms Castro, who lives in Indiana, says she and her father were never really close and that they only had short conversations in recent years.

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