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Superman-fest is off to flying start

The yearly festival honouring Superman has taken off in the US city that claims the Man of Steel as its favourite son.

The Superman Celebration in the community of Metropolis runs through Sunday. Tens of thousands of visitors are expected, as well as appearances by John Glover and Cassidy Freeman from the Superman television series 'Smallville'.

Japanese coast guard saves rower

THE Japanese coast guard yesterday rescued a British adventurer caught in a storm while rowing solo across the Pacific, and another British rower was awaiting rescue.

Sarah Outen had signaled for help on Thursday morning 900km off Japan's northeastern coast, saying water was seeping through a hole in her boat, according to the coast guard.

Man took woman home in suitcase

A US woman has been arrested for trespassing after workers at her boyfriend's apartment building found she had been sneaking in by hiding in a large suitcase he carried around.

'The Oregonian' reports Kola J McGrath (50) was banned from the building last year for breaking a fire extinguisher case during an argument. Police were notified when a caller reported a man had kidnapped a woman, placed her in a suitcase and taken her into the building.

Putin ups fines for protesters

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law yesterday a bill that will dramatically increase fines for people who take part in protests that violate public order, just days ahead of the next planned rally against his 12-year rule.

Mr Putin told a meeting of the country's top judges in his native St Petersburg that he decided to sign the bill despite objections from his own human rights adviser Mikhail Fedotov who asked the president to veto it.

Asthmatics flock for fishy cure

Tens of thousands of asthma-sufferers have mobbed a southern Indian stadium to swallow live sardines smeared with a yellow herbal paste they believe will cure their breathing problems.

Despite doctors' criticism, the Goud family has drawn throngs of people for years with its secret fish and herbal formula it says it received from a Hindu saint about 170 years ago. The family offers the treatment annually on a day chosen by astrologers.

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