Tuesday 12 December 2017

Sugar daddy not so sweet if the woman wants a baby

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John von Radowitz

A sugar daddy might not be the best choice for a young woman wanting children, research suggests.

He may be able to provide a lavish lifestyle, but his ageing sperm will reduce the chances of a successful birth - even after IVF.

Scientists who studied live birth rates among couples undergoing fertility treatment found striking evidence of declining success for women partnered by older men.

Women under 30 with male partners aged 40 to 42 were 46pc less likely to have a child than those with partners aged 30 to 35.

The effect lessened as women got older, and for those over 40 the age of the male partner made no difference to the chances of success.

Lead researcher Dr Laura Dodge, from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston, US, said: "For women aged 30 to 35, having a partner who is older is associated with approximately 11pc relative decreases in cumulative incidence of live birth - from 70pc to 64pc - when compared to having a male partner within their same age band."

Cumulative live birth rate refers to the chances of a live birth after one or more cycles of IVF treatment.

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