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Sunday 27 May 2018

Student kidnapped and forced to drink bleach in suspected revenge attack

London police sealed off the area following the attack Credit: @lawsyyyy
London police sealed off the area following the attack Credit: @lawsyyyy

Tom Whitehead

A London student is under police guard in hospital after being kidnapped, tortured and forced to drink bleach in a suspected revenge attack over a minor car accident.

Motaz Zaid was grabbed by five masked men from outside his home where he was sprayed with ammonia before being forced in to a car and attacked with pliers during an hour-long ordeal.

He is in a critical condition in intensive care and his father believes he was attacked after he accidentally scraped a man’s car two weeks ago.

Mr Zaid’s friend tried to help him as he was kidnapped but was stabbed in the back and legs by the gang.

The family is now anxiously waiting to see whether the student has suffered any permanent damage.

His father, Azz Zaid told the Evening Standard: “They sprayed him with acid, burning his face. They made him drink ammonia. They pulled his ears with pliers.

“My heart is broken when I see my son like that. I can’t believe anyone could do that to another human being.”

Mr Zaid, who is studying economics at the University of Greenwich, was attacked as he arrived with his friend in Parsons Green, south west London at 12.40am on Friday.

Police believe the gang was lying in wait.

They sprayed ammonia in his eyes and forced him in to a silver Mercedes C220 estate and drove off.

While in the car, it is understood the student was pinned down by up to three men who forced his mouth open and made him drink bleach.

He was also attacked with a pair of pliers.

The nightmare only ended when police officers on patrol approached the then parked up Mercedes in Beverley Way, New Malden, just before 2am.

As they approached, the vehicle sped away, leaving the victim sprawled on the pavement with severe acid burns to his face.

He was rushed to hospital by ambulance where he remains in a critical condition.

Mr Zaid’s friend had tried to protect him when the gang first pounced. He was chased onto a main road and stabbed.

He saw the car speed off and could not find Mr Zaid.

The friend, who was taken to hospital but later discharged, told the newspaper: “They had been parked waiting for him to get back. As we both got out of the car, these five guys just jumped us. They sprayed something in our eyes and it blocked our vision.

“They weren’t after me, they were beating him up. I tried to fight them off and to grab him but he was on the floor and not moving. I hit one of them in the face and three of them chased me into the main road and stabbed me.

“By the time I got back to my friend the car had left and I thought he had got away but after looking for him I realised they had taken him in the car.

“If I hadn’t been there no one would have known he was gone. When police found him they said it was 50/50 whether he would live.”

Police officers from Scotland Yard’s Trident Gang Crime Command are investigating.

Mr Zaid was allegedly involved in a minor collision with another car, but the other driver refused to negotiate and a week later followed Mr Zaid and attacked him, threatening further violence if he did not pay up.

His father said: “It was a small accident and the other car was scratched. But the people were violent and they warned him ‘if you don’t give us £400 we are going to burn your car’.”

He added: “He is in intensive care. We don’t know if his vision is affected yet. Doctors say it is very serious.

“He woke up today but he cannot speak, his throat is very damaged. He can only point. We are waiting to hear what will happen.”

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