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Status Quo now on tap

Status Quo are trying their hands at a new skill – by releasing their own brand of beer. The rock veterans, led by Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi, are launching their Piledriver beer in hundreds of pubs. Quo follow bands such as Iron Maiden and Elbow who have also developed beers.

They teamed up with the Wychwood Brewery to create their drink, named after their 1972 album, which will become available in more than 900 Wetherspoons pubs.


More than two-thirds of workers experience the Sunday blues – anxiety triggered by thoughts of returning to work the following day, according to new research. It also found that women were more likely to experience the phenomenon than men, with 71pc of those surveyed detailing the problem compared with 62pc of men.

The poll, of more than 700 full-time workers in the UK, also found that half of women said they eat comfort food and one-third reported drinking alcohol at home, directly to help lift their mood and prepare for the week.


A Los Angeles project laying the foundation for the tallest building west of the Mississippi has broken the world record for the longest continuous concrete pour after 18-and-a-half hours, a Guinness World Records adjudicator said.

Michael Empric said 21,200 cubic yards of concrete were poured, beating the existing record of 21,000 cubic yards set by the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas in 1999. Sean Rossall, spokesman for the Wilshire Grand tower project, said 208 trucks made more than 2,100 trips and poured 82 million pounds of concrete.


Prison officials in Florida and across the US are fighting a different type of contraband being smuggled to inmates – mobile phones.

They are being hidden in babies' nappies, noodle soup packages, footballs, soft drinks cans and body cavities. Last year, two murderers used mobile phones to plan their escape from a prison in Florida, where the state confiscated 11 mobile phones a day in its prisons.


A university student in Spain went into a brief coma after eating a birthday cake baked with marijuana – and 10 others became seriously ill.

Two were taken to hospital in Madrid, one of them comatose and not responding to stimulus. He later recovered. The Alfonso X University students were men aged between 18 and 22.

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