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Starbucks stops using dead beetles

STARBUCKS has announced it will stop using a natural colouring made from crushed beetles.

The coffeehouse chain had been using the US government-approved extract in its strawberry frappuccinos and smoothies, but came under pressure from from some vegetarian customers.

Escaped bears kill elderly zoo staff

A GROUP of bears escaped from their enclosure at a park in northern Japan yesterday and killed two people.

Two female employees in their 60s and 70s were feeding the bears from outside the concrete fence when they escaped. The employees' mangled bodies were found after a colleague escaped and called for help. Hunters later shot and killed all six escaped bears.

Rare penny one in a million -- dollars

WHEN is a penny worth $1.15m (€870,000)? When it is a rare experimental penny minted in 1792.

The unusual coin, one of only 14 known to exist, was yesterday bought by Kevin Lipton of Beverly Hills, California, on behalf of a group of unnamed investors at an auction in Chicago.

Trio held over penguin-napping

THREE men have been charged with the theft of a penguin from a theme park on Australia's Gold Coast.

The accused, two Britons and an Australian, aged 18, 20 and 21, broke into Sea World on a night out and took the the small fairy penguin. The men, who woke up hungover and were shocked to find a penguin in their living room, yesterday released a video to try to prove they did not mean any harm to animals. The film shows them stripping and swimming with the centre's dolphins.

Dummy run for council elections

A WOMAN has been arrested after a mannequin was entered as a candidate for council elections.

The dummy, named Helena Torry, was entered in the Hazlehead, Ashley and Queens Cross ward in Aberdeen. Its election "agent", Renee Slater, was charged by under the Representation of the People Act.

Chopper pilot puts job at steak

THE pilot of a coastguard helicopter has been suspended after images were posted online which seemed to show the aircraft stopping behind a shop.

The stop-off was purportedly for collecting meat from a butcher on the Scottish island of Orkney.

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