Saturday 24 March 2018

Spanish airport strike looming

Spanish air traffic controllers started balloting yesterday on strike action which could cause air chaos for tourists.

The 2,300 controllers are locked in a long-running dispute that began when the government cut their pay by half as part of austerity measures.

Dog puts skids under stowaways

Ten stowaways who hid inside stacks of tyres have had their bid to roll into the UK punctured.

The men, from Vietnam, Iran and Iraq, were heading for Basildon, Essex, the UK Border Agency said. But they failed to cover their tracks and were sniffed out at Calais ferry port by a body detection dog.

Smell 'crucial' in mating game

When it comes to choosing a partner, smell may be just as important as good looks, research suggests.

Scientists found mandrills -- a primate cousin of humans -- can use body odour to identify suitable mates, lending support to the theory that humans may also be able to 'sniff out' a good mate.

Writer of Bond films dies aged 68

Tom Mankiewicz, the screenwriter of James Bond films such as 'Diamonds Are Forever' and 'Live And Let Die' and the first two Superman movies, has died of cancer at 68.

He was a member of Hollywood's legendary Mankiewicz family: his father was Joseph Mankiewicz, director of classics including 'All About Eve' and 'A Letter To Three Wives'. He was also the nephew of 'Citizen Kane' co-writer Herman Mankiewicz.

Fake funeral plan falters in afterlife

A former Los Angeles mortuary worker has been convicted of defrauding insurers by staging a fake funeral then attempting to cover it up.

Jean Crump and three accomplices took out bogus death certificates, bought a burial plot, buried an empty coffin and held a funeral, then billed insurance companies for nearly €1.2m. When the claim was investigated, they exhumed the coffin, filled it with a clothes dummy and cow parts and cremated it.

Big hailstone falls into record books

A HAILSTONE weighing 1lb 15oz that fell in South Dakota has taken the record for North America. Scientists plan to cast plaster replicas for researchers, a museum and the ranch worker who found it.

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