Friday 23 August 2019

Social experiment reveals what happens when a woman is 'groped' on the tube

Sarah Jane Murphy

Two actors carried out a social experiment on the Tube recently, to demonstrate how others react when a female commuter is groped.

The footage shows a man rubbing up against the blond actress, touching her and making her visibly uncomfortable.

As the woman becomes increasingly distressed, she begins to retreat into the doorway of the train beside two other male passengers.

The woman asks the men for their help, telling them she doesn't know the man.

When the two men confront the male actor he replies "I want to touch her."

Nearly a minute after the fake assault began, a man seated in a different area of the carriage, who had witnessed the woman's ordeal, comes to her aid.

Another man in a red jumper assists him, forming a protective barrier around the 'victim' and advising her to move away from the 'groper'.

As the tension escalates the woman is forced to tell the men that it's a social experiment.

The pair then experience a backlash from commuters, with one saying: "That's a bit f****** stupid."

In a bid to defuse tensions, the woman addresses the passengers and says:

"This was a social experiment.

"We are trying to raise awareness of sexual assault on trains because a lot of the time people see it happening and nobody says anything." The video by Trollstation is uploaded with the message: "Report it to stop it. Unwarranted attention on the Underground."

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